Netflix 2020 series tips: how to find new titles to watch


Netflix series tips for watching in 2020 can be found with the help of the JustWatch website. The free platform aggregates all available series titles in its interface and allows you to use a filter to view the productions that have just debuted on the streaming service. Users can check synopses, the list of episodes and the number of seasons of the series found. In addition, the website features direct links that allow you to start production of the series within the app. Check out below how to find new Netflix series released in 2020.

Step 1. Access JustWatch and click on the “Releases” tab at the top of the screen;

Step 2. Click on the Netflix icon and then on the “Series” filter;

Step 3. Click on one of the series found to view more details about the production;

Step 4. You can check details about the video quality in which the series is offered, the number of episodes and other details. To open the production page on the streaming site, click on the Netflix icon.

Step 5. Another option to discover new series is by typing the term “Netflix” in the search page of the service and clicking on the option “See all results for Netflix”;

Step 6. Click on the Netflix icon and then on the “Series” filter;

Step 7. Click on “Launch Year” and choose the “This Year” option to proceed;

Step 8. The website will find a list of the series launched in 2020 on Netflix.

Use the tips to find series released in 2020 to watch on Netflix.


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