Nestlé takes a crazy bet and releases a new vegan KitKat!


The head of confectionery at Nestlé has just announced the release of a vegan KitKat shortly. It remains to know the opinion of the customers.

If our life continues to change and this even more with Covid-19, our way of eating has also been varying for some time. The vegan is taking an increasingly important place and Nestlé wanted to follow the march by launching a vegan KitKat.

Yes, you read that right. The famous confectionery brand has decided to please people who do not eat food from animals. The firm is not the only one to take this bet. Other companies have also launched similar product lines.

Of course, this bet will undoubtedly be discussed. Why change the traditional manufacturing method and push Nestlé to stop using cow’s milk to create its chocolates and confectionery?

Quite simply because, as we let you know, the demand does not stop growing. Indeed, many believe that by stopping eating animal meat or anything that comes from them, it might help them.

To protect them, on the one hand, and to put an end to certain barbaric procedures in slaughterhouses or when milk is pumped from a cow, for example. This is a debate which should not end soon but which has the merit of provoking a reaction.

We understand the thinking of vegans wishing to protect animals and eat “healthier”. But we also understand those who have always loved to eat meat and what comes from animals. Nestlé, meanwhile, seem to have chosen their camp.

Nestlé takes a crazy bet and releases a new vegan KitKat!


But before anti-vegans fall on the company, know that this is a single product. Indeed, the company will continue to create its products as it always has. His new chocolate will be the only exception as GQ notes.

The new product will have a new packaging with floral motifs. The KitKat break will now be without milk. “KitKat V is certified vegan and made from 100% sustainable cocoa sourced from the Nestlé Cocoa Plan in collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance”. Let the confectionery manager know.

Fans of the very first bar should be delighted. Since the KitKat V is going to be identical to the one we have always known.

Experts are said to have “worked hard to create a vegan version that would meet the high expectations of KitKat enthusiasts all over the world.”

If Nestlé wanted to launch this new product, it is for a simple reason. As we let you know, there are more and more people who are going vegan. The firm having noticed it, therefore wanted to please this category of customers.

It remains to be seen when we will be able to taste this famous KitKat V in France.