Nestlé Denies Being Cyber-Attacked By Anonymous Group


Nestlé denied having been the victim of a cyberattack carried out by Anonymous, contrary to what the hacker group had claimed on Tuesday (22). According to the multinational, the leaked data came from a business testing site, used to simulate transactions with the corporate public.

“This allegation of a cyber attack against Nestlé and subsequent data breach is unfounded,” a company spokesperson told The Record on Wednesday. He also claimed that the extracted data was unintentionally made available online in February for a short period of time.

Also according to the representative, the food and beverage company has cybersecurity as one of its priorities and did not need to take any additional measures after investigating the alleged intrusion. “We continually monitor the IT landscape and take all necessary actions to ensure that we remain resilient to cybersecurity,” he revealed.

According to Anonymous, the leaked database contains more than 10GB of information from the Swiss-based company, including emails, passwords and logins for internal accounts, as well as customer details such as orders and payments received. But none of them are real, as stated by Nestlé, serving only for a testing environment.

Other endangered brands

The cyber attack on Nestlé alleged by Anonymous is related to the war in Ukraine. The hacktivist group threatened to invade major brands that continued to relate to Russia after the outbreak of conflicts in Eastern Europe at the end of February.

In addition to the food giant, which announced the suspension of sales of various products in Russian territory, including items such as KitKat and Nesquik, the collective threatened companies such as Burger King, Bridgestone, Subway, Cargill and Chevron, among others. The Kremlin administration itself has been the target of cyberattacks, with several official websites going down on several occasions in recent weeks.