NES ‘Ninja Gaiden has been reset without player damage


Nintendinho’s Ninja Gaiden is widely recognized as one of the most difficult games of all time and, until recently, there was a consensus that it was impossible to finish his campaign without taking damage thanks to his super boss final boss.

But the streamer Slackanater arrived to prove that we were all wrong and that, with great persistence, it was possible to achieve this feat without resorting to any cheating. The full story is narrated in the following video, starting at 3:05 minutes:

If you prefer to jump right into the most appealing part of the final boss, skip to 15:10 minutes. The feat is especially noteworthy since hundreds of speedrunners had already tried to get past the boss without taking damage, all without success.

Until then, only machines and virtual assistants were able to circumvent the standards and push the buttons fast enough, a challenge that Slackanater was able to overcome after many weeks of persistence.

Would you have the courage and patience to train so long with the same game? Have you ever managed to reset Ninja Gaiden? Tell us in the comments below!


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