Neon White: how to unlock Level Rush mode


Level Rush is an alternative game mode in the Neon White platformer, similar to Ghostrunner, which opens after passing certain stages of the passage. As the name suggests, Level Rush allows the player to “race through the levels” without stopping, which means that as soon as the main character reaches the end of the level, the next level immediately begins. Those who love first-person parkour and the freerunner aspect of Neon White, but would like to add more risk and intensity to their gameplay, can take part in the Level Rush mode.

Players have five levels to choose from in Neon White. The first is White’s Rush, which is the first available Rush. The Purple, Red and Yellow Rashes become available after the maximum use of the corresponding social links. The progress of Social Link can be promoted by giving gifts and spending time with each of these characters in Central Heaven. Gifts are large gift—wrapped collectibles that can be found at certain mission levels during the passage. Finally, Mikey’s Rush is the fifth and final Rush level, which opens after players receive a platinum rating on each level.

In addition, each Rush level in Neon White has “Heaven and Hell” modes that can radically change the gameplay in this dynamic FPS platformer. Heaven Level Rush provides the main character with an unlimited number of lives and restarts, allowing players to complete levels without penalties or any sense of loss after failure. On the other hand, in the “Hell” mode, a counter of lives and resets is implemented, limiting the number of unsuccessful attempts by the player at the level. Accordingly, hell-level jerks are recommended only to those who like risky and high-octane experiences, speeding their way through various levels.

Unlock Level Rush mode in neon white

It should be noted that each Rush level is tied to two achievements in Neon White. This is due to the fact that one achievement is associated with Rush’s Heaven and Hell mode. Fortunately, there are no time limits or time-related tasks to get these Achievements. In other words, players can take their time with both modes for each Rush level, as it is the completion of Rush that rewards achievement in this FPS platformer. However, those who seek to take the first place in the online leaderboards will naturally strive to show the best results.

It should be noted that level breakthroughs are tied to achievements in Neon White, but they are not required for “100% completion of the game”. To get the “100%” achievement, players must get platinum on each level and unlock the True Ending. However, Level Rush is not included in the prerequisites.