Neon White characters are a big highlight of the game


The indie game Neon White has just been released after a demo at Summer Game’s Fest 2022. FPS platformer is a paradise for speedrunners, featuring dynamic gameplay and parkour mechanics. Despite the fact that this is a new version, it has already received rave reviews from PC and Nintendo Switch players, who received praise for the stylish gameplay.

However, fast gameplay is not all that Neon White has to offer. It also features a great set of characters — from the titular Neon White to other killers and even talking angel cats. Some might argue that storytelling and character interaction are not the focus of an indie game like Neon White, but the fact that these aspects are so compelling only adds to the fun of the game.

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Attractive Neon White Characters

Neon White has a fairly small set of characters. There is a player character, Neon White, and four other killers named Red, Green, Purple and Yellow. These killers were plucked from hell to compete with each other for a chance to earn a place in heaven. All this was organized by angels and some cats — Mikey, Gabby and At Once — who sought to rid Heaven of the invasion of demons in Neon White.

When players assume the role of Neon White, it quickly becomes apparent that he has amnesia. Because of this, he cannot understand who the other neons are, despite the fact that he feels familiar around them. And, of course, the other neons are not going to reveal their true identity. So the player has to interact with them and figure out who they really are for Neon White.

All the player really needs are the archetypes of other characters. Neon yellow is a clumsy but clumsy best friend, Neon purple is a quirky alternative girl, Neon red is a cool love interest, and Neon Green is a vicious rival. Fortunately, the player can collect gifts hidden in the Neon White levels, and then give them to other characters in the hope of getting more information. And although the angel cats are not from Neon White’s past, the player can also make friends with them.

It’s this intrigue that surrounds the rest of the cast that makes the bizarre dialogue scenes so interesting to unlock. This deepens Neon White’s connection with the other characters, and also reveals more about who they were. In addition, the game does not take these interactions too seriously, adding a lot of satire and comedy to the interaction of the characters. Anyway, it makes the game more charming than it is.

Beautifully drawn sprites of Neon White characters only add charm to the cast. Presented in the format of a visual novel with dynamics similar to Persona 5, the game manages to tell its story without making the interface feel too idle. It also regularly gives players an idea of what’s behind each of the Neon masks, which is a welcome departure from the creepy mask designs.

Finally, most of these interactions with the characters are enhanced by stellar voice acting — from the muted, but still expressive delivery of Neon White to the excessive replicas of Mikey. Voiced interactions help well in building characters, demonstrating more of their individuality.

All of this mixes together to create a simple but fascinating story with many intertwining storylines and character arches. So, despite the fact that high—speed passage and time pressure are the main features of Neon White, these elements are supported by a truly fascinating narrative, as well as a great set of characters. Even players who are not used to dynamic gameplay will surely enjoy interacting with the characters.

Neon White is already available on PC and Nintendo Switch.