Neon: Samsung’s Artificial Intelligence Technology


Technology followers continue to count the days for the CES 2020 technology fair. Samsung will introduce its Neon artificial intelligence at the CES 2020, but the first images and features of Neon have already been revealed. Let’s examine the details of the news together.

The countdown has begun for the biggest technology fair of the year CES 2020. One of the focus of interest at the fair in Las Vegas will be Samsung’s new artificial intelligence technology called Neon. We also have images of this new technology. We’ve seen a lot of small promotions and advertisements for this innovative project from Samsung in the past period. More detailed images of this technology, which describes it as an insan artificial person da in a share made from a Neon Twitter account, are now also revealed.

The head of the Neon project, Pranav Mistry, shared a tweet introducing his new technology. As we can see in the picture that we share on the Twitter post and that we provide in the continuation of the news, we are faced with a digital avatar wearing casual clothes. Mistry says that this digital avatar can develop new forms of expression, movements and dialogs by itself.

Neon can exceed the limits of its programs:

Neon is a state-of-the-art product created by Samsung’s STAR (Samsung Technology & Advanced Research) Labs. Several patents for Neon indicate that this technology can exceed programming limits and acquire new information on its own. Samsung’s new technology, Neon, is thought to be designed to help customers in places like hotels and entertainment venues. Instead of answering pre-programmed questions, Neon can help even when customers are asked questions that they have never encountered before.

Apart from this latest development of neon, Samsung’s artificial intelligence technology remains a mystery. For this reason, we will be waiting for answers to the questions about Samsung at CES 2020.

We may not have reached the level of Star Wars yet, and there may not be robots circulating around us, but considering the great advance in artificial intelligence technology, we can say that during the year 2020, technology products that will bring us closer to the space age will continue to come.

What do you expect from Neon, Samsung’s new technology?

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