Neon Abyss, analysis Descent into the abyss of neons


Neon lights, gunshots, and random eggs are just a few elements of a roguelike that hits hard; face the new gods.

Roguelike video games have become a sub-genre of platforms and action with increasingly refined representatives, from the already classic Rogue Legacy, The Binding of Isaac, Nuclear Throne or Enter the Gungeon to the more current Dead Cells or Slay. the Spire, each with its own proposal and game mechanics that make each of its games a unique experience. And this is precisely where Neon Abyss points, the new thing from the Chinese studio Veewo Games together with Team17, a whole 2D action and shooter platform in essence that gets on the roguelike bandwagon through a very marked personality and such crazy gameplay as challenging that does not skimp on moments of authentic lack of control, both for the good and for the bad. Let’s see what Neon Abyss has to offer the most seasoned of cleaning rooms of enemies and looting in a sick way in our review for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Descent into the abyss of neon

Neon Abyss immerses us in a universe in which the new technological gods have taken power, relegating the old gods to the most absolute ostracism. In order to settle scores and regain his position of power, Hades has recruited a series of mercenaries known as the Grim Squad, a diverse group of highly diverse fighters who will accept the challenge of entering the luminous yet fearsome neon abyss, a a place dominated by the new gods that will change with each new incursion of our pixelated warriors. This is how this new roguelike starts, which bets on platforms and classic shots through a typically random development that offers a different experience for each of our games.

This new proposal framed in a one hundred percent roguelike formula encourages us to take part in a battle against the new gods through random challenges spread over different rooms, all of them connected as small mazes that we will discover after cleaning stage after stage. Of course, the Veewo Games title does so through three key aspects such as weapons, objects and eggs. From here on, a whole universe of shots, confrontations, looting and enemies opens before us, each one more elaborate and surprising; and gore, a lot of gore. And it is that there are many characteristics to which we must pay attention, resulting in an experience that although it is challenging and satisfactory, sometimes it is excessively random and in which, unfortunately, many aspects are beyond our control.

Of course, Neon Abyss introduces original aspects to the genre; With each new death (we will die a lot, especially at higher difficulty levels), our character will become more powerful through a skill tree in which to enable different powers. Certainly, the unlocking of skills, objects, weapons, animated minigames and all kinds of controllable characters becomes a constant, a necessary objective to go further and further.

To all this we must add one more particularity that is not exactly trivial: the synergies between weapons, objects and eggs. Yes, because as we advance in our journey through the neon depths, we will obtain eggs that will hatch (or not) in all kinds of aids and effects on our character as sporadic perks, such as attack partners, support or weapon modifiers, among many others. Of course, the possibilities are almost endless, a fact that gives rise to that lack of control and balance to which we alluded a few lines back.


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