NEOGEO POCKET COLOR SELECTION Vol.1 sins for the little variety of games


NEOGEO POCKET COLOR SELECTION Vol.1: The video game market decided to reactivate classic games some time ago. Titles that marked epoch and that generated a lot of nostalgia for the old boys, today big guys, in their 35s, 40s. The flood of reissues has always generated good cash flow for companies. Some received new, revamped versions, others only the famous CTRL C, CTRL V.

NEOGEO POCKET COLOR SELECTION Vol.1 is another one of those games that try to bring together classics from the past on new consoles. The title recently arrived for the Nintendo Switch. The collection features games that appeared on the NeoGeo Pocket, a laptop launched by SNK, in 1999. The most curious thing about this story is that the video game came up to compete with Big Boy’s Game Boy Color.

History has shown that this was not a good idea. Even surviving only 2 years, the SNK laptop brought cool games for fans, such as the Fatal Fury series, King of Fighters and Metal Slug. As it is a first volume, we will probably have other titles of the company in this same footprint.

In this edition we have the presence of ten games, six of which had already been released individually on the Switch: Fatal Fury: First Contact, King of Fighters R-2, The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny, Samurai Shodown! 2, SNK Gals ’Fighters and SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium.

The other 4 games are unpublished on the laptop. SNK took the opportunity to incorporate other genres, bringing games such as Big Tournament Golf, Dark Arms: Beast Buster, Metal Slug: 1st Mission and Metal Slug: 2nd Mission.

Simple and uninviting versions

As much as the company’s intention was to show what happened with the games of that time, I believe that there was a big reading error. The appear appears on a tiny screen, inside an art from a SNK laptop. It would be much more inviting to make a port for the Switch, adapting the titles to the screen size.

All games can be played on three existing laptop versions. The original Neo Geo Pocket, which features black and white images, Color and New Color. In the last two, the only difference is the art of the notebook that appears on the screen.

It is interesting to be able to play on the touch, as if you had the video game in hand, but the idea was not so usual. Not to mention delays in commands, something unthinkable in fighting games.

For big fans, it is still possible to see the versions of the tapes in 3D art, both in the English version and in the Japanese version. In addition, all games have a digital manual.

Repetitive beating

The main focus of this collection is still found in fighting games. It could not be otherwise, for a company that has always had this genre as its flagship. The big highlight is SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium. In it, the player will be able to venture into the championship and versus mode, in addition to the Olympic one, where he will have 7 records to break.

The game is fun, especially for those who enjoy the fighting genre. It has the original sounds and, when playing with the Switch controls, there is an excellent response from the commands.

Also worth mentioning is Samurai Shodown! 2, a fighting game in which the characters carry swords for combat. A pity that the version was bad in the response of the commands and, in certain occasions, the screen gives a few blinks, becoming totally white.

The other fighting games are practically identical, just changing one thing here and another there, like characters and scenarios. This is perhaps one of the worst points of the collection. All because there are 6 fighting games, but they are so identical that they are worth only one.

The graphic part of the games differs little, as does the soundtrack, which in many moments gets to be repetitive. The company could have thought of something different too, with an online mode.

Shooting all over the place

Metal Slug is that arcade that guarantees good hours of fun and shooting. Initially developed for arcades, the versions proliferated on consoles and also in this collection.

You can have fun with Metal Slug: 1st Mission and Metal Slug: 2nd Mission. The run and gun will bring you the options of many weapons, bombs, vehicles and aircraft to destroy what lies ahead. The graphics are nice, considering the limitations of the notebook. It is worth mentioning that there are unlockables in the adventure, to make your fun more satisfying.


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