Neo, a smart watch for children from Vodafone and Disney

When the concept of a smartphone came around and we started relying on smartphones, many parents didn’t want to buy one for their kids for fear of getting hooked and other reasons. But the current reality is that new generations are born with a mobile phone in hand, and it is essential that they know how to handle it even if they are small.

And the same with other devices such as tablets or smart watches. Watches like Neo, which has nothing less than the support of Disney.

Vodafone and Disney Neo Smartwatch

Vodafone today announced the launch of Neo, a smart watch for children that allows parents to be in contact with their children through calls, chats and emojis, and know where they are at all times, while “providing independence and safety for the little ones ”. Neo has:

Activity monitor
Parental control filters
Photo camera
Calls through an integrated SIM
And since Disney is involved, kids can personalize their Neo experience by choosing their favorite character from:

Minnie Mouse
Elsa from Frozen
Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story
Iron Man Armored Avenger version
Darth Vader from Star Wars
The Child from The Mandalorian
But it is not one per clock, rather the child can change between 6 at any time. ‘Neo’ is the new product in the ‘Designed & Connected by Vodafone’ family of objects, and thanks to the Vodafone Smart App, it allows parents and guardians to have full control of their children’s digital experience. In fact, the watch allows you to make and receive messages and calls, but it does not have access to the Internet.

Neo Price

‘Neo’ is available to customers of any operator and can be purchased from today at Vodafone stores and at authorized distributors such as Amazon, PC Componentes and, soon, El Corte Inglés. The special launch promotion will be available until April 2:

Vodafone stores: € 9 / month for 24 months (price financed only for Vodafone customers and includes device and service subscription) or € 150 + € 5 / month (price of the device in cash + monthly service subscription).
Amazon, PC Components, Vodafone e-shop and soon in El Corte Inglés: € 199 with 3 months of service included. After three months the price of the subscription to the service is € 5 / month.



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