Neil Patrick Harris apologizes for “deplorable” photo of Amy Winehouse with a meat dish


What you sow, it will come back. Neil Patrick Harris has apologized after a controversial photo from a Halloween party in 2011, which caused a negative reaction.

“A photo recently surfaced from a Halloween—themed party my husband and I threw 11 years ago,” Harris, 48, said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly on Monday, May 16. — It was deplorable then and remains deplorable now. Amy Winehouse was a once-in-a-generation talent, and I apologize for any harm caused by this image.”

Earlier this month, a photo that appeared showing a cold cuts modeled after the late Amy Winehouse spread on social media. “I can’t believe how many very online people over the age of 25 are just now learning about Neil Patrick Harris’ disgusting Amy Winehouse cake,” writer Ashley Reed tweeted on Friday, May 13, hinting that her opinion of the actor has changed significantly due to the incident.

The “Rehab” singer died of alcohol poisoning at the age of 27 in July 2011, three months before the “How I Met Your Mom” alum threw a Halloween party with her husband David Bartka. The photo of the sausage board was originally posted on Twitter by actor Justin Mikita, who is married to Modern Family graduate Jesse Tyler Ferguson. “Look who showed up at @ActuallyNPH and @GourmetMD’s Halloween party last night. You look good,” Nikita, who is now 36 years old, wrote in 2011.

In the picture, a small sign next to the plate reads: “Amy Winehouse’s corpse” and lists the types of meat included in the plate: “Beef ribs, torn pork, chicken sausages in hot barbecue sauce.”

The revival of photography caused outrage. “It’s high time for society to discuss how Amy Winehouse was treated in the early 2000s and 2010s by the misogynistic celebrity machine and the people who were her captive audience. Neil Patrick Harris’ corpse pie is just the tip of the iceberg,” one Twitter user said, while others on social media were shocked by the “graphic” and “inappropriate” image.

Harris has not yet spoken publicly about this, although the photo has been dug up more than once. The Emmy Award winner has been married to 46-year-old Burtka since 2014. They have 11-year-old twins Harper and Gideon.

“It’s a lot harder for gay guys [to have children], even though we tried!” Burtka joked on the Wendy Williams show in 2015, explaining that “two different women” were involved in the process. “There was an egg donor, a wonderful woman who was anonymous. We took two of our best guys and implanted them in her balls, two different eggs.”

The professional chef told host Wendy Williams that, in his opinion, Harper may be biologically his daughter, and Gideon is more like Harris. “She’s like, ‘Hi everyone, I’m here!'” He said of the couple’s daughter. “[Gideon] is a little more giddy and intelligent.”