Neil Druckmann wants to make Hotline Miami games


Last week it was confirmed that Naughty Dog is already recruiting employees for its next game, so Kinda Funny journalist Greg Miller decided to ask Neil Druckmann, the developer’s co-president, directly about what his projects would be dreams.

“Hypothetical question, Neil Druckmann! What well-established intellectual property would you like to work on and produce a game about?” Asked Greg on Twitter, receiving a short list from Neil himself shortly after:

Among video game games, his preference for the acclaimed Half Life franchise and the indie hit Hotline Miami draws attention, but there was also love left over for two Marvel Comics characters, Ghost Rider and Punisher, who took first place on the list.

The cult anime Cowboy Bebop closed Neil’s ranking, revealing a little more of his little-explored otaku side on social media. Among these five brands, which one would you most like to see becoming a Naughty Dog game? Tell us in the comments below!


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