Neil Druckmann Announces Leaving Canada Where Filming Was Taken


Neil Druckmann, one of the director and screenwriters of the television adaptation of the legendary game The Last of Us, thanked the shooting crew by saying that he left Canada, where the shooting took place, which can mean two things: Either the filming of the series has come to an end or only the part that concerns Druckmann. As some of you know and eagerly await, the popular game The Last of Us; It is being shot as a television series to be broadcast on HBO, which has made a name for itself with its quality works such as True Detective, The Sopranos, The Wire. Neil Druckmann of Naughty Dog, the video game company that developed The Last of Us, announced that the shooting of the series has been completed. Of course, this may mean that the shooting of the series has been completed.

It is not yet certain that the shooting of the series has been completed; however, even if the shooting is not finished yet, when we consider that Druckmann, who is one of the writers of the series and sits in the director’s chair in some episodes, is quite involved with the production, this may mean that the shooting will end soon.

The first season of the series is expected to consist of 10 episodes.

In a tweet today, Druckmann said, “Unfortunately… my time in Canada is over. Thank you to the best TV crew in the world for your incredible work, passion and making me feel so welcome! I’m going to miss you so much!” He added, adding that he is excited to be back at Naughty Dog and the warm climate.

Last month, Naughty Dog published the first official photo of Joel and Ellie, the protagonists of the play, played by Pedro Pascal, whom we know and love from The Mandalorian and Game of Thrones, and Bella Ramsey, who we also know from Game of Thrones; After this photo, the excitement of the fans in a great wait increased. After that, the expectation grew with the leaking of some set photos as well as Joel in costume.

The Last of Us really is a beast,” said Damian Petti, president of the Canadian arts union, previously. “It has five art directors and an army of hundreds of technicians. Six months of preparation and 12 months of filming in Alberta.” he had added. The first season of The Last of Us, which has not yet been announced as an official date for its release, is expected to consist of 10 episodes.