Negotiation statement from Ukraine: We had some positive results


On the 12th day of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, the third round of negotiation talks in Belarus came to an end.After the meeting held at a residence in the Belovejsk Forest region of Brest, which borders Poland and Ukraine, the Ukrainian delegation returned by helicopter.

After the meeting, the Russian delegation was chaired by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Counselor Vladimir Medinskiy and the Ukrainian delegation was chaired by the Deputy Head of the Ukrainian Presidential Office Mihail Podolyak.


In his statement on his social media account, Podolyak stated that the third round of negotiations has ended and that there are positive developments regarding the humanitarian aid corridors. Podolyak said, “We have had some positive results on the corridors. Changes will be made in them and we will get more effective help to people.”

Podolyak emphasized that the third round of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine has not yet brought significant results that will improve the solution of the situation.

Stating that intensive consultations were held on the solution of the problem, including a ceasefire in the negotiations with Russia, Podolyak said, “The main political part of the solution will continue with the ceasefire and security guarantees, as well as intensive consultations.”


The head of the Russian delegation, Medinskiy, stated that the problems related to the humanitarian aid corridors, which were agreed upon in the second round of talks, were discussed for a long time and said, “We hope that the humanitarian aid corridors will work from tomorrow. The Ukrainian side assured us on this matter.”

Medinskiy stated that they also consulted on military and political issues, but stated that the negotiations progressed with difficulty. “For now, it’s too early to talk about positive things,” Medinskiy said.

Noting that they brought documents containing a draft agreement to the negotiations, Medinskiy said, “However, the Ukrainian side took all these documents for analysis, could not sign anything. They said that they would probably return to this issue at the next meeting.”

Noting that the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine will continue, Medinskiy said, “Our expectations from the negotiations were not met. However, I hope we will take more meaningful steps next time.” said.