Neglect! The photo Karol G doesn’t want you to see


The Colombian Karol G is a mass phenomenon, especially since she has become one of the most recognized female voices in the world of urban music.

It doesn’t seem strange to anyone that she is always surrounded by photographers who want to capture everything that surrounds her life, what some call the price of fame or being exposed to having her photo taken anytime and anywhere.

But the luck she has is that at least her private life, that of her direct family, is respected, although the truth is that the singer occasionally drops brushstrokes from them on her social networks.

On the contrary that their relationship with the singer Annuel AA, because they themselves are responsible for telling their own story through all kinds of publications, they do not need any journalist to tell what they already do on their own, so they spend them these two.

But there are situations in which nothing can be done to prevent an unfortunate image from being taken, as in this case.

Karol G receives millions of flashes per minute in each of his concerts, fans, journalists from the world of the heart or unconditional music, although sometimes an expert in photography can have more luck than another and capture the precise angle and just to show what the singer would never have intended her to see, there are those who have that gift!

In this case, thanks to the image, she showed much more of her paisa than she wanted, although after all, she is already cured of all these ills.

The thing is that if we look closely at the image, we can see that the interpreter has a broken average, a product of her impetus when dancing, sure.

Even with half broken, she remains a goddess on stage, and raising passions as only she knows.

And if this happens on stage, when you leave the spotlight behind it is still the same diva, Karol G, the one that everyone knows.


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