Negan focused episode will show you before apocalypse


The Walking Dead is coming back! And the showrunner of the series, Angela Kang, told a little more about the last extra episode of the 10th season, “Here’s Negan” (in free translation, “Here is Negan”), the first to tell a little more about the character’s origin.

What to expect from the episode focused on Negan?

Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) embarks on a journey with Carol (Melissa McBride) to try to ease some of the tension between him and Megan (Lauren Cohan). Along the way, the character will reflect on the past and future, with flashbacks of his life before the apocalypse until he becomes the leader of the Saviors.

During the Walking Dead Extend Season 10 Preview Special program, Angela Kang talked about how excited she is for fans to watch the episode and learn about one of the main villains in the series.

As many already know, the name of Negan’s famous baton is Lucille, in “homage” to his late wife. During the episode, we will learn more about the real Lucille, played by Hilarie Burton, who is married in real life to Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan’s interpreter). The showrunner also reinforces that we can expect a lot of chemistry between the couple.

Kang further states that the episode will show a new face for Negan, regardless of whether the fan already knows what was told in the comics. And despite being focused on the leader of the Saviors, the story will fit into the events of season 10.

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The extra episodes of The Walking Dead return this Sunday, February 28, 2021, with the chapter “Home Sweet Home”.


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