Need for Speed: Most Wanted Is Realistically Recreated in BeamNG Drive


Need for Speed ​​is a racing game franchise that has stood out for its proposal of an arcade experience not very interested in reality. So what happens if you recreate a classic like Most Wanted in a simulator like BeamNG Drive? The result is what we can see in the video below:

BeamNG is not just a game. It’s a software that seeks to make approximate simulations of the real world, with the physics and the damage it can do to cars jumping through the air at high speed. As we can see in the video, any Need for Speed ​​​​would be unplayable if it tried to realistically simulate the destruction of cars during the journeys.

The simulator has its limitations and you can see that many obstacles are just visual, completely ignored by the physics of the game – the car just goes through them, like ghosts. But you can see one of them working at minute 00:38 of the video, and the result is devastating.

Basically we have a video of a little over 5 minutes with cars being completely destroyed, but it’s still a show to watch. The production manager, who signs his YouTube account as Car Pal, also did an interesting job of editing, highlighting the most spectacular jumps and making everything more cinematic.

Fans of the Fast & Furious franchise know how the movies are also reminiscent of Need for Speed. And we can be sure the same rules of disaster would apply to them if this series tried to be realistic, even just a little.