Need For Speed: 5 Games Will Be Removed From Online Stores Today


Need For Speed: Electronic Arts (EA) announced this Monday (31), that 5 games from the Need for Speed ​​franchise will be removed from online stores. In addition to the removal of virtual storefronts, which will prevent new purchases, the titles will also have their in-game stores closed. The actions will be carried out later today.

The disclosure was made in the forum of the series on Reddit by one of the Community Manager of the company. He said such decisions are not easy to make, but they are important for the company to focus on the franchise’s future.

“This is in preparation for the withdrawal from online services for these titles, which will take place on August 31, 2021. Until that date, you will be able to play and compete with your friends (and rivals) online. From September 1, 2021 onwards, you can still play the games and use the respective features offline,” the representative pointed out.

As of today, the following games will no longer be available for purchase online:

Need for Speed ​​Carbon.
Need for Speed ​​Undercover.
Need for Speed ​​Shift.
Need for Speed ​​Shift 2: Unleashed.
Need for Speed ​​The Run.

Among other justifications, it was pointed out that the titles have a very small number of players, making the work behind the scenes to keep them working online unfeasible. For those who have already purchased a copy online, the games will remain accessible for download. Only those who want to buy for the first time will no longer find the games.

On the other hand, EA recalled that games like Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted, Need for Speed ​​Rivals, Need for Speed ​​Payback and Need for Speed ​​Heat are still available online and can be played through EA Play, for example.

So, what did you think of the decision? Were you still playing any of these franchise games online? Leave your opinion in the comments section below!