The neckline of Alexa Dellanos is going to take your hiccups!


You can see that Alexa Dellanos is used to the camera’s lenses being very close to her body and her curves to speak for her, because the truth, something else, but Myrka Dellanos’ daughter opens her mouth a little.

By profession a little indefinite until we look for an occupation that does justice, Alexa is dedicated to post and hang rare photographs on clothes and letting her attributes speak everything she does not say, a full-blown curviline snob.

His mother says that she is proud of her daughter and everything she does, and that photographs circulate where it is seen that both mother and daughter have passed several times by several surgeons or their physique has miraculously changed in size, shape and even owner, because neither one nor the other seem the same.

The truth is that surgery, benefits of nature or sport – the most used and most used alternative – Alexa takes all her followers out of the street every time she publishes one of her photos, and it is that the faithful, knowing her as they know her, know with what they will find.

And this time, he has not disappointed, much less. With the typical look with which anyone would go on a trip, with any little thing and without any stridency, Alexa is photographed on a private plane, the same and all his own.


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