Necessary step for Telegram video call feature taken


New developments continue on the Telegram side, which is among the most preferred messaging applications in the world with WhatsApp. It seems that the difference between them and WhatsApp will close with the new Telegram video calling feature recently.

Telegram video calling feature is available for Android and iOS

First of all, to remind you, in the past months, Telegram has stated that they have carried out a study that will make video communication possible in addition to the written communication of users. With the official blog post published recently, it is stated that the new feature is active for all users.

Although there are discussions about the shortcomings on the iOS side, according to the official statement, Telegram video search feature will be fully available on both Android and iOS sides. The new feature can be used with the Telegram update. It is necessary to make the necessary updates through the App Store and Google Play Store.

Telegram’s emphasis on security in written communication also applies to video calls. According to the statement, all video calls will be carried out in a 100 percent encrypted form. As far as it is understood, Telegram’s claim for secure communication will also be valid on the video call side. It is also among the remarkable statements that Apple had a very long review process before publishing the application on the App Store.

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