Neat Minecraft fan art features 1-bit versions of mobs from the game


The Minecraft world is filled with interesting mobs that usually either instill fear in players or are neutral to their existence. The game has been around for so long that many of these mobs have become easily recognizable, and players have given them countless tributes. In a recent example, one Minecraft player demonstrated his version of some of the most memorable mobs in the game.

Minecraft is the best—selling video game of all time, in which there are many creatures that have been part of the sandbox game world for many years. Pixel Art, the art style chosen for this creation, uses square pixels to digitally create an image.

This fan art is created by Reddit user Pixel_lasha and they show an amazing 3×3 image of some Minecraft mobs. In the upper row, the Guardian, Strider and one of the latest additions to the game — Axolotl are recreated. In the middle row, they show off a Mushroom Cow, a Guardian and a Shalker. To complete this set of nine, there is a piglin with an axe, a bee and an iron golem in the bottom row. The artist recreated these mobs in a 1-bit art style, which means that these usually colorful creatures are black and white. Despite the fact that they simply consist of pixels and have no color, these mobs are still as recognizable as in the game. Especially impressive is Minecraft’s latest dangerous enemy, the Guardian, which occupies a prominent place at the center of this work of art.

Mobs in Minecraft in the style of 1bit. Who would you add next? from minecraft

Minecraft mobs have been featured in many player creations, but this one adds an interesting new take on some classic designs. The game is based on a relatively simplistic art style, and this artist’s turn to pixels and the contrast of black and white works very well.

There are plenty of interesting mobs in the world of Minecraft, especially since the recent Caves and Cliffs update has been released into the game. New additions, such as Axolotl, Goats and Sentinel, bring a new flavor to some biomes of the game and help to enliven the world.

On the other hand, there are likely Minecraft players who expected even more from the game developers. Even though neutral and hostile mobs have been added, it’s easy to see that some may have expected to interact with even more creatures because this update for Minecraft has been split into two parts. In any case, this player showed some of the best mobs in the game in a new way.

Minecraft is already available for mobile devices, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.