Nearly 3 million gamers thanks to Xbox Game Pass


Its creator attributes the growth of the title, which has added 500,000 more players in the last three months, to Microsoft’s subscription service on Xbox and PC.

The profitability of Xbox Game Pass is one of the main topics of conversation in video game forums around the world. Is a “Netflix of video games” viable? Surely, we won’t know that answer for a few years and, as in almost everything, there will be winners and losers. What is tangible is the data of some video games that are already part of this Microsoft solution, which offers more than a hundred games on demand in exchange for a monthly subscription. The Descenders case contradicts the belief that a game on Xbox Game Pass is bad for sales.

20% of Xbox Game Pass players have downloaded Descenders

Descenders, a small —and addictive— extreme mountain bike title developed by RageSquid under the production of No More Robots, offers arcade gameplay where we have to descend hills and mountains at full speed. Easy to understand, easy to start playing, difficult to master. The title has almost 3,000,000 players; of which almost 500,000 correspond to the last three months. 20% growth in just one quarter. Why this amazing growth? Mike Ross, a member of No More Robots, has it clear: Xbox Game Pass, where it has been available since May 2019.


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