Nearly 2,000-year-old biblical scroll found in Israel


Israeli archeologists this week announced the discovery of fragments of a nearly 1,900-year-old biblical scroll in the Cave of Horror, located in the Judean Desert.

The site is famous for 40 human skeletons found in the 1960s, who died of starvation during the Barcoquebas Uprising, Jewish rebellion against the Roman Empire from 132 to 135 after Christ. According to former writers, the event would have wiped out more than 500,000 people.

In the document, you can read passages in Greek from the books of Zechariah and Nahum, both from the Old Testament, explains a communiqué from the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) published last Tuesday (16).

In the Hebrew Bible, the manuscripts are part of a book of 12 minor prophets. Also according to the organization, this is the first time in 60 years that scientific archaeological excavation projects have encountered something like this, not involved in looting or illegal procedures.

“These are the things that you must do: Speak the truth each with your neighbor; execute judgment of truth and peace on your doorsteps. And none of you should think badly in your heart against your neighbor, nor love the false oath; because all these are things that I hate – says the Lord “, presents one of the passages, originated from Zechariah 8:16 – 17.

Millennial findings

There are those who consider that the artifacts belong to the Dead Sea Scrolls collection, composed of thousands of fragments of about 900 texts found in the 1940s and 1950s in caves near the “ruin of the gray spot”, nickname of an archaeological site in the West Bank, called Qumran.

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However, the IAA, which since 2017 has carried out a campaign to prevent looting and retake antiques, disputes the attribution, emphasizing the distance between the locations.

“The newly discovered fragments of parchment are a warning to the state. Resources must be allocated for the completion of this historically important operation. We must ensure that we recover everything that was not cataloged in the caves before the thieves do it,” defends Israel. Hasson, director of the institution.

Finally, in addition to the ancient bible, there was a 6,000-year-old mummified child inside the same cave. With an estimated age of 6 to 12 years, the alleged girl was buried in a shallow pit, suggests an analysis of a computed tomography scan of the remains.

In fact, there were coins stamped with images of Jewish symbols, including a harp and a date palm, also from the time of the Barcoquebas Uprising.

Completing the treasure, the scientists explain that, in a separate complex, was found what may be the oldest complete basket in the world, about 10,500 years old.


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