NDP expects Nintendo Switch to outsell PS5


The North American analyst group estimates sales of the hybrid console above the new bets of Sony and Microsoft. General growth.

North American video game players will invest more than 13.4 billion dollars in the electronic entertainment sector during the months of November and December, 24% more than in the same period a year ago, according to the latest report from the NPD agency. Mat Piscatella, market analyst in said group, has estimated that the annual video game consumption could exceed 50,000 million dollars in 2020 in turnover in the US market; quite a record. The best-selling console will be, according to their studies, Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch, the star console of this Christmas

A few weeks before Black Friday begins, with the sales and consumption growth that this implies, NPD expects the Nintendo Switch to be the console most times bought this Christmas. Its current price, below new solutions such as PS5 and Xbox Series X, added to an established game catalog and the lack of supply of these two new bets from Sony and Microsoft, will allow the hybrid machine to be the most benefited, which has in addition to Nintendo Switch Lite as a lower cost and smaller alternative at the cost of being only portable.

With regard to Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5, which go on sale on November 10 and November 19, respectively, Piscatella will be the most sought-after gifts of 2020 in the United States, but “it will be difficult to find units , added to a strong demand during 2021 ”. Interest in the new generation of consoles is total in North America; all predictions are optimistic as to its success.

No less important is the market for peripherals, a source of capital income in the electronic entertainment market worldwide due to its ability to generate profits in companies given its low production cost compared to hardware. According to NPD, a new sales record for sound controllers and headsets will be broken by being offered at their lowest price (in the case of Xbox One and PS4) since the generation began.

Finally, when it comes to software, NPD takes no chances: Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will be the best-selling video game of 2020 … for the twelfth consecutive year for the Activision saga.


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