Ndamukong Su named a team worth watching: the reaction of the NFL world


Douglas P. Defelis

Veteran defender Ndamukong Su may have just revealed where he will play next season.

Su reported earlier this week that his days in Tampa Bay are probably over. However, this does not mean that his playing days are over.

Su is sorting out his options as a free agent. One team can become a leader in a club.

This week, the standout quarterback mentioned the Raiders as an opportunity on Twitter.

“Raiders can be fun,” he said in response to Adam Schefter’s report on him.

It’s safe to say that Raiders fans are thrilled with Su’s latest tweet.

Even Chandler Jones can’t handle this teasing.

“Stop playing with my emotions, Smokey!” he said.

In the offseason, the AFC West turned into an arms race. It would make sense if Su continued this trend and signed a contract with the Raiders.

Should Vegas stay true to its city and go all-in on the Su?