NCT’s Winwin Rumored to Sign Contract With Chinese Agency


One of the NCT and WayV personnel, Winwin is reported to have signed a contract with an agency in China. According to Chinese actor and singer, Liu Yu Ning, through a live broadcast that he held on Weibo, Winwin has now joined his agency, YUEKAI Entertainment.

In the broadcast, he said, “If you want to become an actor, you must join our agency. In fact I met with Winwin a few days ago and he has signed a contract with us.”

“He will have a smooth road to success. He is currently filming director Li Mu Ge’s new drama. We first met on the show ‘My Brilliant Masters’ 3 years ago. I haven’t seen him since then, but I met him recently when it came to signing with us.”

On October 18, there was a rumor that said Winwin had been invited to attend an event held by YUEKAI Entertainment.

Meanwhile, the SM Entertainment agency still has not given any statement regarding the rumors.