NCT’s Taeyong reveals his dog Ruby has passed away


Taeyong revealed that his dog Ruby passed away, the rapper from SM Entertainment said his last goodbye to his faithful companion of adventures.

Many K-pop idols share incredible moments with their pets, after a hard day full of demanding workouts and activities, it is relaxing for Korean pop artists to come home and be greeted with energy by their furry friend.

NCT’s Taeyong shared painful news through his group’s official social networks, as his dog Ruby passed away and he wanted to reveal to his fans the painful moment he is living.

The dancer took care of her for 11 years, the animal was in the worst and best moments of the boy originally from the city of Seoul in South Korea. Ruby comforted the artist’s heart during his time as a trainee and after his debut.

Some years ago, Ruby had presented some serious health problems and Taeyong composed a song with her name to calm the pain of her beloved pet, at that time the beloved Ruby overcame her illnesses and was able to share a little more time with the idol .

The Papillion dog was so important to Lee Taeyong that during an exam as an SM Entertainment trainee he was asked to name the things he loved the most in life and the star said that Ruby was someone very important and that he always had her in mind besides him. rap, dance, ramen and his family.

Taeyong has a tattoo on his hand in honor of his best friend and in the beautiful design appears Ruby with a bow, although they also look like her ears, the idol did not hesitate for a moment to capture his little Ruby on his skin.

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So that the ‘100’ singer can find quick resignation, fans find themselves writing messages of support under the mention ‘Taeyong’, which is already a trend. Netizens also appreciated the celebrity’s trust in telling them about such a difficult event for him.

Recently, SuperM released the powerful MV for ‘Tiger Inside’, Lee Taeyong and his fellow group members surprised the world with the second single from their comeback project.


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