NCT welcomes new members Shotaro


NCT 2020 introduced the new K-pop group members Sungchan and Shotaro, who will be debuting with “RESONANCE Pt.1”.

SM Entertainment plans a new K-pop project for next October, the company will combine the talent and styles of the subunits WayV, NCT U, NCT Dream and NCT 127 to create a large-scale comeback that will be divided into two parts, in addition, it gave new idols the opportunity to debut in the Korean pop industry and thus welcomed them.


Through the VLive platform, NCT 2020 held a live broadcast to share all the details of their comeback, their future plans, and to welcome the new members of the group: Shotaro and Sungchan, who officially introduced themselves to NCTzen and shared their personal profile.

The boys had the opportunity to speak in front of their peers and introduce themselves to the fandom. Shotaro, who shares the same age as Chenle, explained that he is only 19 years old, (20 in Korean age), his hobbies include basketball, dancing and watching food programs. Regarding his personality, he described himself as a gentle person with an adorable eye smile.

NCTzen also met Sungchan, who described his strengths and chose his height, eyes, and unique personality as his best features. About his hobbies, he explained that he likes exercise, doggy videos, and playing games. The idol’s passions and skills are rap and soccer. The new NCT member also described himself as someone who is easily distracted.

NCT idols were also uniformed with a suit and a bow that distinguished them from everyone else, as some members of WayV also performed as part of NCT 2020, as they were unable to participate in the 2018 project and this will be their first group comeback. The K-pop group also showed a preview of their new songs: “Make a wish” and “From home.”

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Among the plans for the future of NCT 2020, the boys revealed that NCT U will return for a new hip-hop release with WinWin as leader, in November they will premiere the second part of “RESONANCE” with a new subunit, but they will keep everything a secret to raise the mystery.

This project also combined the Korean, Japanese and Chinese languages, since its members are of different nationalities. NCT 2020 will be making their comeback on October 12.

The NCT 2020 project is a comeback that will feature all of the group’s subunits, with a total of 24 members.


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