NCT reveals the ideal type of girl they would fall in love with


NCT’s boys have their ideal girl, a person who meets certain characteristics and virtues will be the one who steals their heart.

The SM Entertainment group is preparing for their 2020 project, which will bring together all the Neo Culture Technology sub-units. Despite being so young, idols have risen to fame, 127 has managed to become a Million Seller with their latest comeback, but despite their career as K-pop artists, the boys also have a chance to think about love.

At the moment, neither of them has the time or interest in a relationship, since they still have a lot to live and extend their trajectory, but when the right moment comes they have in mind the type of girl they want to be with and the one they could steal their heart, the lucky woman must meet certain characteristics that will make them fall in love.


Each one has different tastes, but which complement their way of being, they also look for someone who makes them laugh or who agrees with their ideals. We leave you a list with the ideal NCT girl.


He prefers a girl who acts cute and uses aegyo, also who is respectful and puts others before anyone else, who has kindness and I heard him sing.


Someone who is not superficial and with social skills. He wants someone with whom he can have great communication. That he does not have a bad mood, be kind and calm personality. Also always make an effort and smile at him.


He wants a sporty girl with healthy habits. He also joked about meeting someone who doesn’t treat him so well just to inspire him to be better, although he actually prefers a girl who helps him recognize his mistakes and guide him to overcome his flaws. Let it be loving.


He can have short or long hair, he is also attracted to a girl who does not do evil to others. Optimistic, with a warm and bright personality, you want someone to converse with without being judged.


For love he has no conflicts with age, he also wants a girl with good manners and respect. He also prefers me to be humble and intelligent and not be vain. Maturity is a point in his favor.


A girl with a great personality who needs him, also prefers someone with a sweet and tender personality. A girl who gives you all the confidence, with healthy and loving habits.


That she has long black hair, with a calm, tender personality and a touch of innocence. That is kind and a little shy, he does not like conceited girls.


That they have long black hair, that they do not take life so seriously, because they prefer someone with a fun attitude. He wants a girl with an open mind, who likes to make jokes.


A girl with a good voice, who knows how to listen to him, who has short hair. She would like you to share the same personality that she has.


He wants someone who likes to have a tanned hair, also with a tender personality and who comforts his in the worst moments.


If you like sports and have healthy habits, you are the right girl for him, the idol wants someone who takes care of himself, who is mature and self-confident.


He wants a girl with brown skin and who takes care of her figure, also who has a cute and funny personality. He wants someone to make her laugh.



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