NCT: Haechan opens a new Instagram account after forgetting the previous one


NCT has a new member on Instagram! And NCTzen couldn’t be happier, now that Haechan has her personal account.

NCT’s Haechan just opened her personal Instagram account. Under the name Haechanahceah, the NCT Dream member returned to the networks after losing the password of her previous account.

With this account, all NCT 127 members are now on Instagram with personal accounts. And her groupmates didn’t miss the opportunity to leave messages on her first post.


Haechan opened a new Instagram account and in her first post she shared promotional photos of her for NCT Dream’s comeback ‘Glitch Mode’. As a caption, she added “Hello.”

Fans were quite happy to see her comeback and within a few hours she got a million followers. In addition to a million likes on her first post.

Haechan previously had another account, where her last (and only) post was in October 2021. So some fans suspect that she may have forgotten her password and so she had to create a new one.


Similarly, NCT’s Doyoung and Mark were quick to show affection on Haechan’s new account. Doyoung commented on the picture of him with a lively play on words: Haestagram. In addition to letting Bubble know that Haechan made a new Instagram account.

While Mark shared in his stories a screenshot of Haechan’s profile with “Aigoo, let’s go”.

Meanwhile, Haechan is preparing for her comeback with subunit NCT Dream. Glitch Mode will be out on March 28.