NCT Dream’s Renjun has a birthday and celebrates NCTzen


NCT Dream’s Renjun has a birthday and celebrates NCTzen. It is one of the smallest of NCT.

Despite the quarantine, nothing prevents fans from celebrating alongside their idols. This time, Renjun, a member of NCT Dream is celebrating his birthday.

The idol is one of the smallest members of all NCT, is of Chinese origin and has managed to fulfill his dreams with his fellow subunits.

Through social media, NCTzen has sent messages of congratulations and support to Renjun , who is celebrating 20 years, 821 in Korean age). The idol , despite having debuted at just 16 years old, has managed to fulfill several dreams in his career.

With the hashtag #HappyRenjunDay , the fandom has shared several photos and videos of the idol, as they have shared several moments with him and they know that he is a very talented dancer, as he has experience in contemporary dance.

As is tradition, NCTzen celebrates its birthday with various projects such as events in coffee shops and advertisements on various screens of subway stations or shopping malls. Renjun will undoubtedly have a very special day thanks to his fans.


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