NCT DREAM’s Jisung Looks In Pain While Pre-Recording For ‘2021 MAMA’


NCT DREAM fans were worried through reports from NCTzen who witnessed the boy group’s pre-recording for the upcoming ‘2021 MAMA‘.

Several fans who got permission to watch NCT DREAM’s pre-recording directly reported that they saw Jisung’s unfit condition during filming.

Jisung is seen often holding his back, it is suspected that the NCT DREAM member has back pain. Although the staff gave him a chair to sit, Jisung refused.

Fans were even more worried when they heard Jisung’s weak voice when he spoke. Jisung continued to cover his pain by continuously smiling at the fans.

During the filming, Chenle seemed to continue to check on Jisung’s condition and advised him to leave the stage.

Through Twitter, fans flocked to ask Jisung to prioritize his health, considering that NCT’s full comeback in 2021 will soon be done.