NCT 2021 previews winter on Beautiful with MV teaser


21 NCT 2021 singers and rappers prepare the premiere of Beautiful, the song has a happy style and perfect for the holidays. What can you expect the official MV? This is the teaser.

After the premiere of NCT U’s MV Let´s Play Ball (Universe), the boys of the band have not stopped surprising their fandom with presentations at awards shows such as MAMA 2021 and on music shows.

Now it’s turn for the 21 NCT members participating in the 2021 group comeback to present a new song from the Universe album, and the first sneak peeks of Beautiful are here for all fans.

As in every return of all NCT units, I could not miss the song that brings together the original lineup of singers and rappers, even though Lucas and Winwin will not be in the comeback, the rest of their companions promise to make Universe a memorable album with an OT21.

Through social networks, the MV teaser for Beautiful, the second promotional song for NCT 2021‘s return, has been published and although the clip only lasts 30 seconds, they are enough to know the concept and a bit of its style.

The teaser begins with the boys dancing in the middle of the street, in the background you can see a dark set that allows you to see in more detail the snowflakes that fall everywhere, in other scenes the idols are shown dressed as baseball players.

NCT 2021 releases the official video for Beautiful on December 14 at 6:00 PM in South Korean time, the same day that NCTzen from around the world will be able to listen to the rest of the songs from the Universe record material.

You can now activate the reminder on YouTube for Countdown live for Universe.