NCT 2021 premieres Beautiful, what was the most iconic of your MV?


All the boys of NCT 2021 have carried a message of hope and comfort with Beautiful, the second title track brings together the best of the K-Pop band concept. This was what we like the most about the MV.

On December 10th, NCT U released the fun and energetic official MV for Let’s Play Ball, the title track of the third full album Universe, but the surprises for the fandom did not stop and now we have Beautiful.

Beautiful and the Universe record material were released on December 14, just before the holidays and with a perfect message to start a new year, what is the most epic of the new MV of NCT 2021?

Below, we share with you the reasons why the MV Beautiful has touched the hearts of NCTzen around the world, even coming to tears. Do not miss the details of this new video of the K-Pop band!

According to the credits of Beautiful, the song was composed by Taeyong, Mark, Johnny, Jeno, and Hendery, who did excellent teamwork and shared their messages of encouragement for fans.

In Beautiful message:

The Beautiful MV begins with Johnny standing in the middle of a sea of ​​people walking in the opposite direction from him, the camera is focused on the rapper when he says:

You are the most important person in your life, be yourself, be beautiful.

Throughout the song, NCT 2021’s song lyrics get sweeter and sweeter, providing NCTzen with heartwarming and emotional words, even emotional words that brought tears to mind for some.

It is an MV with which you can reflect:

Part of the scenes in the MV for Beautiful reflect the day-to-day life of young people, such as long hours at school, at an office job, exhausting rides on public transport, but there are also moments when hope and good energy seizes the clip.

The talents of the members of NCT 2021:

Beautiful is a song that has parts with rap and also singing (not forgetting the great choreography), so it is the perfect test of the skills of each of the 21 members who participated in the comeback with the record material Universe.

NCT 2021’s Universe album:

At the same time that Beautiful was released, the rest of the songs on the Universe album were released and we can say that it is a gem, started with the beat and strength of New Axis, this ben could have been the main theme of the boy band project.

Each one of the tracks has the same essence of NCT and there is everything, from ballads to more powerful melodies and perfect for your playlist. We recommend: Earthquake, OK !, Round & Round, Sweet Dream and Good Night.