NCT 2020, ‘YearParty’ Pre-Comeback Slick Teaser


NCT 2020 has released the teaser video for ‘YearParty’ as they had scheduled in their released timetable.

At KST on September 22, the boy group under SM Entertainment uploaded their ‘YearParty’ video via NCT’s official YouTube channel.

In the video for ‘YearParty’, the members of NCT are wearing navy blue suits with white shirts under them, showing off their masculine vibes, which then change to suits with a combination of sky blue and white.

After all the members magically change clothes and show off their visuals, the video closes with the appearance of all NCT members with 23 members sitting facing the camera who is getting farther away.

According to the time table they uploaded earlier, NCT’s 2020 comeback MV is scheduled to be released on October 19th with the single title “From Home”.

While awaiting the release of NCT’s new 2020 MV in October, here is the video for “YearParty” they just uploaded on their YouTube channel below.

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