NCT 2020 unleashes theories with new Resonance teaser


NCT 2020 unleashes the theories with a new teaser for “Resonance Part 1” and reveals a dimensional world known as “Ether.”

SM Entertainment’s K-pop project continues to reveal new details for their group comeback involving the members of NCT U, NCT Dream, NCT 127, and WayV. The 23 members will be releasing a new song merging their singing, dancing, and rap skills. His latest teaser sparked new theories about his album’s comeback.


Through their official social networks, NCT 2020 published the trailer for “RESONANCE Part.1” titled “Past & Future”. The video lasts 2 and a half minutes and already has more than half a million views. NCTzen shared their first theories after the new teaser, it appears that the idols will show a psychological world.

The teaser shows each of the 23 members in what appears to be the universe, all of whom appear to be trapped on a strange planet and some kind of ship or base. NCT 2020 is creating a new story with their music, the video is narrated by a voiceover that talks about a world where consciousness is created from certain influences.


The first theories speak of the “Ether” or “Ether”, known to be considered in ancient times and in science as the fifth element, an energy that causes a vacuum in the universe, something that is intangible. NCT could have recreated that idea to introduce the concept of “RESONANCE,” a dimension capable of connecting people and emotions.

The concept of the K-pop group could also be a social criticism of mass manipulation, that is, that everyone acts according to an established order. NCTzen also believes that the boys could have connections with each other, meaning the members with each other are a reflection of themselves.

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So far, the group has not detailed what their concept is about, but it could show a before and after within their fictional universe related to the name Neo Culture Technology. NCT 2020 will be making their comeback on October 12, and they already have over 100,000 pre-orders on Korean music sites.

NCT also introduced their new members Shotaro and Sungchan, members that make up NCT 2020.


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