NCT 2020, the group to make their first comeback


NCT is set to make their first comeback as a full group, NCT 127, NCT U, NCT Dream, and WayV are ready to win over fans.

For the first time since 2018, the SM Entertainment group will make a new comeback with each of the subunits of “Neo Culture Technology”, the boygroups will gather the talent of their 21 members in a new album, the project is titled NCT 2020 and They already revealed the first preview under the name “Resonance”.

Through their official Twitter networks, NCT revealed the first teaser for their 2020 project, “Resonance” is a video clip that has already exceeded 100,000 RT and 80,000 likes and unleashed NCTzen’s theories about the group’s comeback K-pop. The preview shows each of the eras and MV of the four subunits that make up the group.

NCT showed various scenes of NCT 127, NCT U, NCT Dream and WayV, as soon the entire group will make their first comeback with 21 members, the most idols in one place, the first rumors from the fans is that they could make the comeback in mid to late October.

NCTzen also believes that they could add 2 new members and make a total of 23 members, since Jisung through the Dear U. Bubble application updated his status with a +2, also other boys have given hints of what they could be preparing, some of the idols have been recording some things.


Until now, there is no clear information about the concept, album and release date, but NCT 127’s account published a message to further alter the fans, as he assured that he cannot give a spoiler yet, but that the 2020 project will be something crazy. WayZenNi expressed on social media his excitement that the Chinese subunit is part of this comeback.

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“Resonance” just gives an idea that the 21 members will combine their talents in dancing and singing to create something huge, in 2018 they made the group comeback with “Black on Black”, NCT U combined NCT Dream and NCT 127. Are you ready for this project?


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