NCT 2020 shows hockey in teasers for Love of the 90s


NCT 2020 is only 3 days away from their comeback with the second part of “Resonance.” The group showed their sportier side in the new teasers.

The agency SM’s K-pop project is set to embark on a new futuristic journey with the first version of “Resonance Pt2,” the second album from their comeback as a full group. The boys of NCT U, WayV, NCT Dream, and NCT127 are ready to relive the ’90s with their new song.

Through their official social networks, NCT 2020 revealed new individual and group teasers for “Resonance Pt.2”, the first version “Departure” will premiere this November 23 with the title song “90’s Love”, a song that promises a retro and vintage atmosphere that will merge with the futurism of the K-pop group.

The new images are starring Haechan, Yangyang, Mark, Ten, Jeno, WinWin and Sungchan, each one will show their sporting side through one of the sports that began to become popular in the 90s: hockey. The idols wore custom uniforms with a dinosaur as a logo, the animal figures are typical to represent the teams.


SM’s K-pop project is ready to begin their retro journey through music, “90’s Love” will be their first release of “Resonance Pt”. The boys modeled in an orange and blue colored uniform with NCT’s name on it.

One by one they posed as hockey players in front of their dressing rooms, which had their names written on them, they also carried the famous stick with which the sport is played. Jeno surprised NCTzen with his colorful electric blue hair that matched his outfit. The boys also posed in front of the camera like a victorious team after a game.

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The members of NCT Dream, WayV, and NCT 127 will merge their talents for this comeback, Sungchan, one of the new idols, will experience his second K-pop release. The boys are expected to break new records with “Resonance Pt.2”, the second version “Arrival” will premiere on November 30th.


Retro concept blends with NCT 2020 futurism, the boys showed off their vintage side in group teasers for “Resonance Pt.2”


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