NCT 2020 shares their retro style in teasers for 90’s Love


The company SM Entertainment revealed new images of 7 members of NCT 2020, the group prepares the release of the album material ‘Resonance Pt. 2’.

This year has represented a great boost in the career of Neo Culture Technology, the subunits of the boy group premiered musical projects and shared hundreds of activities with their fans.

NCT 2020 brings together the 23 members of the band from the SM Entertainment agency, known for the avant-garde concepts, visual styles, and concepts of its artists. ‘Resonance’ was the first album that brought the singers and rappers together, now they are about to release the second part of their CD.

Trailers for ‘Resonance Pt. 2′ continue to excite NCTzen, their fandom is waiting for new teasers and trailers for the K-pop band’s second studio album.

New concept images for ’90’s Love’, a retro-style song, were shared through SM Entertainment and Neo Culture Technology’s social media. Learn all the details below.


The most recent photographs for ‘Resonance Pt. 2′ belong to ’90’s Love’, one of the songs that will be on the tracklist. Concept teasers correspond to: Winwin, Jeno, Ten, Mark, Yangyang, Haechan, and Sungchan.

Each individual set contains two photos of Winwin making the camera fall in love with his mysterious gaze, Jeno looks fun and friendly, Have a change of style for NCT 2020’s comeback, and Mark showed off his modeling talents.

Yangyang posed with a sporty and striking look, Haechan used the bleachers of a large stadium as a set and Sungchan’s images were edited with a filter to achieve a distortion effect.

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The group photo of Neo Culture Technology promises to take you on a journey through time, the singers and rappers appear in distributed around an armchair, some sitting and others standing, the outfits go in the ranges of red, blue and black.

The album ‘Resonance Pt. 2’ will be released on November 23 and will be available on all online music platforms.

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