NCT 2020 poses the challenge for Resonance Pt.2.


NCT 2020 released colorful new teasers for “Resonance Pt.2,” their upcoming album. The boys wore a retro and youthful style.

SM Entertainment’s K-pop project had great success with the first release of “Resonance”, so now they are preparing for a new comeback and hope to break their own records, as with the first part they sold more than 1 million records. In the new previews, the boys showed their most colorful side.

Through their official social media, NCT 2020 released new individual teasers for “Resonance Pt.2,” starring Jeno, Ten, Jungwoo, Shotaro, Sungchan, and Taeyong, showcasing a diversity of talents and generations of the K-pop group, from the new members, even the older boys of NCT 127.

The series of images shows boys in different poses, maintaining their youthful and retro concept. The boys wore very colorful and vintage outfits that highlight their features and their youth, in addition, they included elements that refer to “Departure”, the first part of the comeback, as they will do a pre-release before November 30th.


The first to model for the teasers was Taeyong, who carries a ticket inside his jacket pocket, also posed with vintage glasses and appears surrounded by small “Delorean” cars, famous for being part of the 90’s culture, his outfit she combined yellow garments, shoes with imitation of animal print and pearl necklaces.

Jeno decided to represent a student boy, posing with a yellow jacket while holding a large telescope. Shotaro, one of the new members, seems to have made a metaphor, as he held a globe as a way of saying that he started his dream and will conquer the world.

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Jungwoo presented a cute and fun image by modeling in an electric blue sweater, also used by Ten, who wore a full outfit and posed like a retro jock. Sungchan also played a school boy, dressed in brown-hued attire, converse and lying on a stone-decorated bench.

NCT 2020 became a Million Seller with “Resonance” and they hope that their second release will have the same success, apparently there will be two versions “Departure” and “Arrival”, they will have two MVs and they will show all the vocal, rap and dance talent that each of the 23 boys owns.


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