NCT 2020 breaks YouTube record with MV Make a Wish


NCT 2020 broke a new record with “Resonance Pt.1” thanks to the MV for “Make A Wish”, they reached 100 million views.

SM’s K-pop project is getting ready for their new comeback with the second part of their album, which is scheduled to take place on November 30, will include two covers of “Resonance Pt2.” and a couple of MVs to promote their comeback, but before their premieres, the group broke a new YouTube record.

Through their official social networks, NCT 2020 celebrated the new brand that the group registered on YouTube, their MV “Make a Wish”, performed by the NCT U subunit, surpassed 100 million views, becoming the first artist of the SM agency faster to achieve it, since it only took them a month to reach that goal.

NCTzen trending the hashtag # MakeAWish100M to share their messages of congratulations and support for the idols, as they are excited that everyone has been able to achieve a new success at this stage of their career, and it is the first YouTube record for rookies Shotaro and Shungchan.


NCT U was commissioned to perform this pre-release song for “Resonance Pt.1”, demonstrating their talent for rap and dance, to the beat of whistles, the boys sing about not worrying about the little things in life and not needing a signal to go find what you want, the time is now.

NCT 127’s Doyoung also joined in the celebrations and shared a photo with the caption “We did it” through his Instagram account and thanked fans in different languages. This is another achievement for the 2020 project, as they managed to sell more than 1 million albums and it is expected that they will reach new records with the second part.

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“Resonance Pt.2” is a couple of weeks away from its premiere and the idols will honor the group’s name, as it seems that the concept will be a mix of retro and futuristic.

NCT has different subunits with various styles and they have formed a great musical repertoire, find out what is your ideal NTC 127 song.


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