NCT 127’s Taeil celebrates his birthday with the love of his fans


NCT 127’s Taeil celebrates his birthday with the love of his fans. Taeil’s talents and good personality have been mentioned in his birthday celebration.

On her 25th birthday , Taeil has received much love from all NCTzen around the world who joined the celebration in her honor. The lead singer of NTC 127 and NCT U has won the hearts of many people with his talent and personality, which is why a huge celebration took place on social media.

Taeil was born in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, and in addition to being a vocalist and dancer within the group, she has experienced her role as a model. This boy also has other musical talents, since he knows how to play the piano and guitar, skills that he has shown in front of his fans and that were applauded with surprise.

Taeil became known before his debut thanks to being part of the SM ROOKIES project , where he was able to demonstrate his talents in front of the public as part of this company.

The moment this idol was accepted into SM Entertainment coincided with the season when he was due to start his university studies, however, Taeil chose to follow his dreams and temporarily abandoned school life.

After becoming a much-loved idol in a large number of countries, Taeil fans are celebrating their birthday with the hashtag #HAPPYTAEILDAY , which they accompany with their best wishes and congratulations . The NCTzen have also used this opportunity to highlight Taeil’s vocal talent and his ability to demonstrate and spread joy to everyone around him, congratulated him already?

Another idol who is celebrating her birthday today is Tzuyu , the TWICE member who has stood out for her talent and beauty.


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