NCT 127’s 12 Mark Curiosities a fan should know


Mark Lee has earned the admiration of NCTzen for the talents he shows on stage, the New Culture Technology idol will win your heart with these fun facts.

The NCT 127 rapper was born on August 2, 1999 in the city of Vancouver, Canada, from a very young age he began a great love for dance and music, inspired by his two parents.

Mark entered SM Entertainment as a trainee through an audition in his native country. Mark has stood out in the world of K-pop for his talents that are not limited to music, he is also a host and a model, demonstrating the many facets that he can develop in entertainment.

This time we bring you some curiosities that every fan should know about Mark Lee, one of the NCT 127 members with the most star. Learn more about the Korean pop idol below.


  • Mark dreamed of being a writer, when he was younger he spent hours reading and imagining science fiction stories.
  • Mark’s greatest musical influences are his parents, both are dedicated to the artistic environment, other celebrities have inspired the idol such as: Beyoncé, Chris Brown and Coldplay.
  • Mark loves Canada and one of the things he enjoys the most about his native country is the climate, which is very cold.
  • One of the adorable habits that the Super M idol does before going to sleep listening to soothing music, this helps him fall asleep better and clear his mind.
  • Mark likes to eat balanced, his favorite fruit is watermelon, since it is fresh, sweet and pleasant to the palate.
  • Mark has stated that it is difficult to act cute, as that personality type has a lot of contrast to his personality.
  • Mark’s favorite subjects in school were Language Arts and Literature, as he could develop both of his passions.
  • When Mark has free time he likes to go for a ride outside on his bike, it is also a good exercise to keep fit.
  • Most of the raps that the idol performs were written by himself, he likes to include deep phrases in his songs.
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Mark has a very deep love for hats, they are one of his favorite accessories, the rapper has a wide collection.
Despite the fact that Mark’s character is safe and confident, he continues to work on his safety, believing that an artist must be very strong.
Mark not only masters composition, he is capable of playing guitar and flute.
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