NCT 127 shared great moments at their concert …


NCT 127 was presented at the online music festival Beyond Live the Origin, these are the best moments they lived with their fans from around the world.

With great enthusiasm NCT 127 fans were waiting for the group’s live performance, some other SM Entertainment groups had previously performed on Beyond Live the Origin leaving epic moments on stage.


Through the VLive channel, Internet users enjoyed the wide musical repertoire of NCT 127, the idols interacted with their fans very happy and full of emotion. Fans despite the distance felt close to their favorite idols.

Fans of the group gathered on social media with the hashtag # NCT127_BeyondLIVE to comment on the event and the wonderful moments they enjoyed alongside NCT 127.

Kick it
In addition to the group’s incredible performance with their stage presence and vocal talent, the show’s touch was the technology used to set the scene. Giant dragons moved along the track leaving the spectators shocked.

Johnny DJ
The idol performed some interesting mixes of her NCT 127 music, causing the attendees’ spirits and energy to soar to 100 percent.

Mark comforting Haechan
Haechan is currently promoting with the NCT Dream subunit, so his schedule is a bit tight, but his partner Mark offered him a few words saying how proud he is of the idol.

This track released on May 24, 2019 was one of the most anticipated presentations by fans, the boys delivered everything on stage.

The boys speaking Spanish
During his presentation, the members of NCT 127 demonstrated their talent for speaking different languages, Johnny spoke to fans in Spanish, his good pronunciation had an impact on all viewers.