NCT 127 Reveals Secrets We Didn’t See in Sticker Teasers


NCT 127 has everything ready to release ‘Sticker’, the K-Pop group tried a great new concept that nobody wants to miss, how did you record these teasers? Idols share all their secrets with us.

‘Sticker’ of NCT 127 is the next release with which the idols promise to dominate the stage and conquer the hearts of every fan ; there is less and less time for the premiere of this new album but this K-Pop group has not stopped moving the entire fandom to the fullest with various teasers that reveal more and more details about this new production.

With videos , conceptual photos and posters , the world prepares to receive ‘Sticker’ and know all the music and performances that the members of this NCT subunit have prepared for the world; NCTzen can’t take any more of the excitement for this comeback .

And although there are only a few days until the premiere of ‘Sticker’ , NCT 127 idols reveal what their teaser recording was like and are even more excited for this incredible release.


With a lot of dedication and effort, the idols of NCT 127 recorded the teasers for ‘Sticker’ , although they also had a lot of fun in the process and show it behind the scenes for their promotionals ; ‘Sticker’ opens on September 17 and the world is more than ready to listen to the new music of this group.

What a thrill! This is how idols strive to do their best and impact the world with their music, and only a few more days until the release of ‘Sticker’ , so have everything ready.

While waiting for this premiere, enjoy the new song of MONSTA X , ‘One Day’ was recently released and Idols show their versatility with a soft, full song of nostalgia.


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