NCT 127 Reveals Advances Of Next Comeback


Check out all the details of the dynamics that the group has launched for its fans. NCT 127 is closer to making his comeback! On March 6 NCT 127 will return with a new album and we have the most recent details of its new music.

Although ‘Kick It ‘ is the promotional track , of the 13 songs that the disc contains , fans will be able to enjoy individual videos through a contest , the disc pre-order has already been opened and there are two versions of the CD , the ‘N ‘and the’ C ‘.

NCT 127 through their networks, have advanced some fragments of the melodies that will come in their second complete record material, ‘Neo Zone ‘:

1. Elevator (127F)

2. Kick It.

3. Boom.

4. Pandora´s Box.

5. Day Dream.

6. Interlude: Neo Zone.

7. Mad Dog.

8. Sit Down!

9. Love Me Now.

10. Love Song.

11. White Night.

12. Not Alone.

13. Dreams Come True.

This last track was a gift for fans; of these songs , 5 were advanced for fans and followers: 3. Boom, 5. Day Dream, 8. Sit Down !, 9. Love Me Now and 11. White Night, of these clips the group has asked fans to play the one they liked the most, and show their love, the one with the highest score ‘will have a surprise reward’

The points will be counted by the number of interactions on Twitter through retweets and Instagram, likes.

You can see the previews of the videos on the official account of the group on Instagram, the official YouTube channel ‘NCT 127 ‘ uploaded a playlist with the videos : Click here.

Are you excited for the return of NCT 127?
What was your favorite clip?


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