NCT 127 lights up the darkness of Seoul to promote Sticker


NCT 127 will be back on stage and they are getting us ready to receive their comeback in the best way, the idols of the band pose for the camera and they don’t stop getting excited.

Less and less is missing for the premiere of ‘Sticker’, the next release of NCT 127 with which they plan to take all the senses of the world and dominate with new music and presentations that will end up impacting friends and strangers.

NCTzen has had their days full of NCT thanks to all the teasers, promotionals, and others that the band has been releasing to generate great expectations about their next premiere, there is less than a month left for their comeback and they do not stop getting excited and showing us little by little what ‘Sticker’ will be about.

And to generate more excitement and not miss a single detail of their upcoming release, NCT 127 has shown new promotional photos for ‘Sticker’, letting us see that they are the light on a dark night in Seoul.


In a landscape barely lit by the distant lights of the city of Seoul, the idols of NCT 127 pose for the camera and envelop us in a mystery to remain very attentive about ‘Sticker’ , the next release of the K- group Pop.

Mark :

Haechan :


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 Johnny :


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NCTzen already has all the excitement to the max for ‘Sticker’, which will premiere on September 17th and we can’t wait any longer for the new music and this upcoming comeback from NCT 127; idols will have many surprises for the world.

Other idols who will soon be releasing new music are Hyuna and Dawn, both of whom are ready to delight us with their talents on stage.


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