NCT 127: Favorite Has New Teasers To Excite NCTzen


NCT 127 will be making their next comeback with ‘Favorite’, NCTzen can’t wait any longer for this release, and the idols are more than ready for their new album.

The idols of NCT 127 do not stop working and they show it by relaunching ‘Sticker’ , but with 3 new songs, new concepts and much more that they will have with ‘Favorite’ , name of the repackage that represents their next comeback ; these artists will take the stage again and dominate the industry once again.

With various teasers , photos and much more, the NCT subunit has created great expectations around ‘Favorite’, each member of the boy band has put all their talent and passion for this upcoming release and NCTzen can not wait any longer to hear everything what’s new from your favorite band.

There is less and less time for the premiere of ‘Favorite’, which will have an Official MV for the song with the same name and we already have a great preview for this as well as conceptual photographs where the idols of NCT 127 shine like never before, do you have everything? prepared for this next album ?


Through their official Twitter account, NCT 127 shared new concept photos for ‘Favorite’, the members of this K-Pop band look amazing in new outfits that make them look like royalty.

‘TRAGIC’ is a new photoshoot of the group derived from NCT where we see in detail a new facet of their artists and a little more of the concept that ‘Favorite’ will have , every time there is less to listen to this new production of NCT 127 .

But not only have they managed to excite everyone to the maximum with these new photographs, we also have a video that anticipates us a little more from ‘Favorite’, so the expectations grow even more and no one can wait any longer for this launch.


Through the official account of SM Entertainment , the agency that leads NCT 127’s career, on YouTube , the teaser for the music video of ‘Favorite’ was published , a song that we will find in the repackage of ‘Sticker’ and that will dazzle us in the day of its premiere.

Apparently the idols of NCT 127 will turn into vampires for their next comeback and will bring excellent music and a great concept for ‘Favorite’, without a doubt everyone is looking forward to this new release from this K-Pop group.


The premiere of NCT 127’s ‘Favorite’ will be on October 25, 2021, there are only a couple of days left to listen to the new music of Yuta , Jaehyun , Taeyong , Mark , Jungwoo , Johnny , Haechan , Doyoung and Taeil that belong to this subunit of Neo Culture Technology .