NCT 127 Becomes a Handsome Vampire in the MV ‘Favorite (Vampire)’


NCT 127 has finally returned with the release of the latest music video entitled ‘Favorite (Vampire)’.


Right on Monday (25/10), NCT 127 returned by releasing a music video titled ‘Favorite (Vampire)’.

Favorite (Vampire)’ is the main song from NCT 127‘s third album repackage, titled ‘Favorite’.

With medium tempo pop dance music and a catchy whistling sound, this song ‘Favorite (Vampire)’ sounds different from the previous NCT 127 songs.

However, in the dance break section, we will still be presented with dubstep music that is typical of SM Entertainment.

According to the title of the song, in this music video we will also be presented with appearances from NCT 127 members like handsome vampire figures.

Just watch the music video for ‘Favorite (Vampire)’ from NCT 127 below!


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