NCT 127 and NCTzen celebrate 127 DAY with a virtual party


Fans of the NCT sub-unit celebrated the band’s achievements, career, and history with messages of love and admiration.

January 27 is the special day that represents NCT 127, the New Culture Technology sub-unit celebrated this date with some images and messages from NCTzen from all over the world.

NCT 127 is one of the K-pop bands with the most presence in the South Korean music and entertainment industry. The idols of the SM Entertainment company are a benchmark of international and national chats.

Some time ago, fans of the ‘Cherry Bomb’ interpreters declared January 27 as NCT 127’s day , they took as a reference month 1 of the year plus the 27th of the calendar and thus the celebration was born.

Each year, NCTzen looks back on accomplishments, new goals, records, and the family they formed with idols . This 2021, Internet users celebrated 127 DAY with a virtual party in online communities.


Through various social networks, NCTzen created the hashtag # NCT127DAY, where they posted memes, videos, edits and other images of the singer and rappers, due to the large number of interactions, the mention entered the trending topics of Twitter.

The 127 DAY coincided with another activity of the boys, they released the song ‘First Love’, a promotional single for ‘Loveholic’, a Japanese record material that will be released on February 17. OMG!

Taeyong also showed his love for 127 DAY . The leader of NCT 127 updated his profile on Lysn with 3 new selfies, the rapper modeled for the camera with different poses, which made the app users fall in love.

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In the description, Taeyong left a message for fans, writing of his excitement for NCT 127’s day, and assured that he will work very hard to recover from the injury that momentarily took him away from the stage.

The interpreter of ‘Baby Don’t Stop’ published another image where he appeared with his bandmates crossing the street, in the background he wore a large poster with the promotional image of the idols .


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